A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion

This author website is simply to introduce my educational ebook to reveal a glimpse of the content of this science fantasy tale that is woven into a non-fiction text book. Here are several pages that each represent a theme. The book can be read sequentially, or pages can be jumped to (through the interactive table of contents or by searching topics in the bibliography) for students and teacher to focus on. Included here is one very small portion of the bibliographical links, presently in a google doc, organized by page number. I have the capacity to arrange these by alphabetical order, by subject. This biblio highlights by color whether the link is text (pink), video (green) or image (white). These augment the story and are supporting evidence of the various topics of study – subjects and themes – that arise in this fantastical storyline, to render it possible.

My deadline was yesterday, August 11th, 2019. I’m not yet completed editing, though quite close, having completed the bulk of the technical pages. It’s a science text book, mostly about the subject of physics with links documenting the scientific facts, woven into a story that is science fiction. The many scientific links and subjects arise as the story unfolds, to reveal that the story events really could occur. 

I’d love for this to reach classrooms, public, private, charter, magnet, home schooling, special needs – autistic spectrum…It is fun story packed with information and almost every page of the circa 170 pages with colorful images and diagrams. 

Interactive Table of Contents (TOC) – including above pages

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