A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion

“A Seahorse Tale – A Spin on the Matter of Motion” is a young adult educational eBook. Predominantly a physics textbook within a science fantasy tale; it depicts the spiraling nature of our universe in general and electromagnetism, in particular. The extraordinary events which emerge are consequential to a warming planet. This journey into the science of our universe embraces a MultiDisciplinary and Systems View approach: directed to private, public, charter, magnet, home-school and autism spectrum students as well as Experiential Learning (EXL) and Expeditionary Learning (EL).

This digital textbook interwoven with an array of topics is designed to be read linearly or for the teacher and students to jump independently to a specific theme. Subjects are easily discoverable through an interactive Table of Contents (TOC) and extensive bibliography of alphabetical links.

State-of-the-art theoretical content probes beyond the standard textbook, introducing new perspectives and insights to engage the reader’s imagination and inspire curiosity. Nearly every page of circa 170, is beautifully illustrated with colorful images and scientific diagrams. 

Included below are several pages of the book in addition to a sliver of the TOC and bibliography – which highlights links by color: text (pink), videos (green) images (white). The links augment and corroborate the events within this science fantasy adventure.

I aspire to inspire and empower people to make choices to respect and nurture the living world around them; through delight, wonder and appreciation of the beauty and magnificence of the natural world. Let us all strive to be guardians to protect all life.

Interactive Table of Contents (TOC) – including above pages


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